Born Hrisafie Hariklea Hadgis, “Chris” is Greek American and grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After college, Chris wrote on-air promotions for The Learning Channel. She attended theater school, wrote and acted in sketch comedy shows in Los Angeles and New York City. She now works as a freelance writer, copywriter, editor, content manager, and journalist for bike companies, health and wellness brands, and local news publications.

An avid cyclist, she’s written gear reviews and ride essays for PrettyDamnedFast. She’s also written for various publications including, The Los Angeles Times, The Pro’s Closet Magazine, The Radavist, DirtRag magazine, and Bicycling.

Chris creates content and collaborates with cycling apparel and nutrition brands, such as Pas Normal Studios, Velocio, and Skratch Labs. And she bike models for several top cycling companies including, Trek, Bontrager, Raleigh Bikes, and The Pros Closet.

Chris is passionate about storytelling as a means of connection to cross boundaries, create change and awareness, and ultimately, positively impact people’s lives.


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